Custom Orders

Custom Orders

Please contact us if you need custom pieces that aren’t shown on the website. We respectfully reserve the right to refuse any custom request. Because of our personal beliefs there are certain things that we are not willing to engrave/cut. We won't do any swear or cuss words. We will not do many different symbols: zodiac, pentagrams et. al, ahnks, new age symbols, symbols for gods and things of that nature. Please do not ask us to. We respect that you have your beliefs, please respect ours. There are plenty of artisans who can accommodate you.

Each piece we make is made by us – one at a time. There may be slight nuances from piece to piece. This is to be expected. ALL CUSTOM ITEMS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

All custom designs, images, descriptions, logos, slogans etc are property of Pretty Snazzy. Please don't steal them! We are honest and hope that you are too. If you need an image for some reason, please contact us.

Do you make custom items like logos?

Usually. We can unless the logo is trademarked. For instance, we can’t do a professional or college team logo because there is a special (and expensive!) license that is needed. We also respectfully reserve the right to decline a request that goes against our policies. See our policies here.