About Our Products

What metals do you use/sell?

We only sell sterling silver items which are 92.5 percent silver and 7.5% copper. We use sterling silver sheet to make our custom charms.

Are all sterling items marked that they sterling?

Yes. All items are marked either .925 or 92.5% which is required by law.

Do you sell anything in gold or gold plating?

Not at this time. We have explored numerous ways to offer our custom items in gold but haven’t found a good option so far.

Do you plate your custom items with rhodium?

No, we do not. Plating with rhodium would be very costly due to:

1. The increasing cost of rhodium
2. The labor of plating items one at a time as they are produced for each customer.

Do you make all of your items?

No. We make all of our custom items and are always increasing our selections of our own designs but all of the 3D charms are made by other manufacturers at this time.

Are your charms made in the USA?

We use US made items whenever we have an option! The charms we manufacture ourselves are obviously made in the USA and we use sterling silver that is produced in the USA. Most of the charms we carry that are made by other manufacturers are also made in the USA but a few are US companies whose manufacturing facilities are in China. The necklaces are made in Italy. All other parts and pieces are US made whenever it is possible.

Can you engrave the 3D charms?

No, we can only engrave charms that we make and even then it depends on the charm.

Can you engrave on the number charms?

No, because there isn’t enough space to get a clear engraving.

Does your sterling contain nickel?

No. This is good news for all of us nickel allergy sufferers out there! If you have ever gotten a rash from a piece of costume jewelry, that is most likely a nickel allergy. Nickel is added to many metals – especially gold and silver plating because it will make the metal brighter, smoother and more evenly coated. Nickel is also inexpensive which makes it a perfect choice – unless you happen to be allergic to it!

Why do I need to choose an “adapter” before I can add a charm to my cart? What is the difference between the styles?

The adapter is what connects the charm to your necklace, bracelet etc. The choices are pictured with each listing. They are:
* Jump ring – This is the most common. We use between 5mm and 6mm depending on the charm. We use a thicker jump ring than most so it is less likely to pry apart. To open and close a jump ring, use 2 pairs of needle nosed pliers (or just 1 and your fingernails!) to twist the ring from side to side. Don’t ever pry apart a jump ring because it will never meet perfectly again. It also weakens the metal. You can also slide a jump ring right over the end of a necklace chain most of the time. If you are putting several charms onto a single necklace, this is a good choice.
* Necklace bail – This is obviously to go on necklaces. If you are worried about losing a charm, a necklace bail tends to be easier to pry apart than a jump ring
* Split ring – This looks like a little key chain ring. This and the regular jump ring are the best for traditional charm bracelets because they are easy to put on and take off. A split ring gives a little extra protection if you are worried about losing a charm. We use 6mm split rings that snap back into place nicely.
* Lobster claw – If you want to change out your charms sometimes, this is a good choice. Most customers who choose this one already have other charms with this attachment. It’s good to note that a lobster claw will make the charm longer. If you are adding a charm to a bracelet with traditional type charms, this may make it appear much longer than the other charms.
* European adapters – we offer several styles but they all have the same inner diameter. If you have a thick bracelet or necklace like a Pandora, Brighton, Lovelinks, Chamilia etc, you will need one of these adapters for your charm. We use a small jump ring to connect the charm to the European adapter.

NOTE: A very small number of charms have a necklace bail that is part of the design. Adapters can’t be added to these.

What length of necklace should I get?

The most common size for a female is 18”. The most common for a male is 20”. Obviously this can be different depending on the person. If you have a skinny little 12 year old, it’s probably better to go with the 16” (and we even have a 14” in some styles). If you have a linebacker or tackle with a big ol’ football neck, you might want to go straight to a 22” or 24”!

What length should I get for a charm bracelet?

The most common size is 7 ½”. If you are able to measure the person, take a ribbon or string and wrap it around the person’s wrist – but not tightly. Measure your ribbon and then add ½” on for movement. From our experience, it’s better to go even a little larger than that. This allows not only for growth over time or life stage (example – pregnancy!!) but also for long sleeves vs short sleeves. You don’t have to attach the clasp at the end of a charm bracelet. Just clasp it wherever it’s comfortable and leave a “tail” if necessary. Comfy and a fashion statement in one!

Are your products for children?

Because of a choking hazard, our items are not for children under the age of 3. Also be aware that depending on the child or teen, sterling silver may not be the best choice because of the strength of the metal. Stainless steel is much stronger and might be a better choice for you. We only work with sterling though.

You only have a few styles of earrings. Can I get other charms made into earrings?

Yes! Just contact us for pricing.